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3 Inches Of Blood - Fire Up the Blades

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3 Inches of Blood - Fire up the blades


1. Through the Horned Gate 02:07

2. Night Marauders 04:15

3. The Goatriders Horde 04:13

4. Trial of Champions 03:39

5. God of the Cold White Silence 04:24

6. Forest King 05:16

7. Demons Blade 04:10

8. The Great Hall of Feasting 03:53

9. Infinite Legions 04:55

10. Assassins of the Light 03:20

11. Black Spire 05:23

12. The Hydra's Teeth 04:49

13. Rejoice in the Fires of Man's Demise 01:32


Released: 2007

Label: Warner Music Group

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