1. Death In Fire 2. For The Stabwounds In Our Backs 3. Where Silent Gods Stand Guard 4. Vs The World 5. Across The Rainbow Bridge 6. Down The Slopes Of Death 7. Thousand Years Of Oppression 8. Bloodshed 9. ...And Soon The World Will Cease To Be

Ltd. Edition Disc 2:

1. Siegreicher Marsch (Victorious March)

First Mini-CD 'Sorrow Throughout The Nine Worlds':

2. Sorrow Throughout The Nine Worlds 3. The Arrival Of The Fimbul Winter 4. Burning Creation 5. The Mighty Doors Of The Speargod's Hall 6. Under The Greyclouded Winter Sky

Second Demo 'Arrival Of The Fimbul Winter':

7. Burning Creation 8. Arrival Of The Fimbul Winter 9. Without Fear

First Demo 'Thor Arise':

10. Risen From The Sea 11. Atrocious Humanity 12. Army Of Darkness 13. Thor Arise 14. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath

released: 2002

Publisher: Metal Blade

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