Annihilator - Metal

1. Clown Parade (feat. Jeff Loomis) 05:16 2. Couple Suicide (feat. Danko Jones and Angela Gossow) 03:56 3. Army of One (feat. Steve "Lips" Kudlow) 06:03 4. Downright Dominate (feat. Alexi Laiho) 05:15 5. Smothered (feat. Anders Björler) 05:11 6. Operation Annihilation (feat. Michael Amott) 05:18 7. Haunted (feat. Jesper Strömblad) 08:08 8. Kicked (feat. Corey Beaulieu) 05:58 9. Detonation (feat. Jacob Lynam) 03:56 10. Chasing the High (feat. William Adler) 06:16

released: 2007

Publisher: SPV

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