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The musicians of Arven have different musical influences like classical music or rock but they have got one important thing in common:

their passion for melodic metal.

On the quest to find female musicians, who can bring her songs to life, guitarist Anastasia found Ines and Lena, two students of music, who are now playing guitar and keyboard, the classically trained singer Carina and last but not least the bassist Lisa. Drummer Till sees to the right rhythm and timing of the girls.

In their music Arven unite heavy guitar-riffs, double-bass passages and headbanging parts with an enchanting opera voice, beautiful melodies and orchestra instruments. Classical and medieval elements are merged with masterly piano playing.

And so it might happen that an idyllic grand piano intro is destroyed by booming guitars, and that choirs and flutes battle with metal riffs.

Line Up:Edit

Carina Hanselmann - vocals

Anastasia Schmidt - guitars

Ines Thome - guitars

Lisa Marie Geiß - bass

Lena Yatsula - piano

Till Felden - drums


Music of Light (2011)


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