Paris Lambrou (bass guitar) initiated ASTRONOMIKON with Nicholas Leptos (vocals), in 2008. They have been bandmates for many years in Arrayan Path and Prodigal Earth, as they both share the same passion for heavy metal music. Since long ago, people around the world have associated the heavens, the stars, and the patterns they make in the sky with their gods and heroes. Through the music of ASTRONOMIKON, find out about these myths and legends, of different cultures, depicted in the sky. The current line up includes Socratis Leptos (guitars) and Stefan Dittrich (drums). The band is working on a concept album that is expected to be reseased in February 2013 through Pure Steel Records. The story is the myth of Perseus, the first of the mythic heroes of Greek Mythology. Perseus was the hero who killed Medusa, tamed Pegasus and claimed Andromeda, having rescued her from a sea monster.

Line Up:Edit

Paris Lambrou - bass

Nicholas Leptos - vocals

Sokratis Leptos - guitars

Stefan Dittrich - drums


Dark Gorgon Rising (2013)

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