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The band Auspex was formed in Grenoble (France) in 2001. During the first years, the band focused on the writing process and local live concerts.
A first mini-LP Mysteries of the Stars was released in 2005. The positive reviews they received encouraged Auspex to finalize their first full-length album. Resolutio was recorded in 2006 at Towerstudio by Brett Caldas-Lima (who also produced Kalisia, Cynic, To-Mera, Malmonde, etc.).
This allowed Auspex to sign a deal with Thundering Records and release the album the following year. Once again, the album was well received and Auspex got to play live on a more regular basis, in France and abroad. Since Resolutio, Auspex has been evolving from a rather traditional symphonic metal genre to a more sophisticated and subtle style.
The roots of Heliopause are still anchored in metal, but other types of music have become much more prominent; movie soundtracks, progressive rock, experimental and electronic music, and bands from the ‘60s and ‘70s are more noticeable in Auspex’s newer compositions.

Heliopause, the second album, was recorded in 2009 at Towerstudio and will be released on the 10.10.2010.

Line Up:Edit

Elodie - vocals

Pierre-Yves - keyboards

Arthur - guitars

Fred - drums

Lionel - guitars

Alex - bass

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