Blacklands log


Blacklands was founded in 2006 by drummer Thomas Kelleners.

In 2007 keyboard player Manfred Reinecke and singer Moja Nardelli joined the
band. Until the fall of 2009 various bassists and guitar players were 
incorporated into the songs, but always in vain.

After several line-up changes, almost very near their final off, the band 
finally found, in 2010, Rüdiger Sartingen on bass and Michael Stockschläger on
guitar - the perfect cast.

In 2011 the band released a 6 track demo recording and started to play live.

Now, on their debut album "A New Dawn" Blacklands 
from Germany presents 12 excellent songs with a total playing time of almost 80 
minutes! An impressive production of finest melodic rock with slight progressive 
influences feat. Killer guest appearances by Lennie Rizzo of Exxplorer, Terry  
Gorle of Heir Apparent & Giles Lavery of Dragonsclaw!
"[[Blacklands - A New
Dawn|A New Dawn]]" - A musical whirlwind full of diverse, highly sophisticated 
compositions which are always led by the stunningly beautiful voice of singer 
Moja. These songs will unite fans of various musical tastes, but they surely 
appeal to a worldwide audience! Fans of top metal acts like Nightwish and Iron 
Maiden, to fans of Pink Floyd and Marillion should keep their ears wide open! 
Official CD release will be available through the Blacklands website on 9th  
March  2013.

Line Up:Edit

Moja Nardelli - vocals
Thomas Kelleners - drums
Manfred Reinecke - keyboards
Michael Stockschläger - guitars / vocals
Rüdiger Sartigen - bass


A New Dawn (2012)

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