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Take a pinch of symbolism, a touch of mystic combine the two with rocking guitar riffs add a small amount of Death metal leave to marinade with deep lyrics and the end result is Crow7. The band hail from Bünde, and have been rocking international stages for a few years now. For those who have heard or seen Crow7 live will know that they leave their mark firmly implanted, especially the musical compositions of founder member Corbin Eved which have lead to the success of the band.

Catchy riffs that are skin deep, melodic vocals paired with brutal guttural screams underline the lyrics, which describe aberrations of life in search of a way out. CROW7 also are not afraid to attack political and social issues.

The first album „The Picture“ (2006) was a studio project of Corbin Eved´s. For the „Light In My Dungeon“ (2010) album the musicians had found themselves, which gave the songs a more spirit. The artists have a deep understanding of magic. Corbin, Janus, Gideon und Seth inspire and display on stage pure Progressive- Metal- Rock. The overall sound mix in their own words is described as ProMeRo, pulls in the fans, even non rock fans can’t help banging their heads to the music.

During the European tour with HAGGARD the band gelled closer together. In two months they played 23 successful gigs in 8 different countries. The tour started in Hamburg and went all the way down to Athens which brought CROW7 international success. The third album „Symphony Of Souls“ (2011) has its own dynamic style, which is to date their strongest collaboration as a band. The 15 tracks on the CD are each different, containing interesting encounters and stories of life between light and darkness, which form a symphony, the symphony of souls.

Line Up:Edit

Corbin Eved - vocals, guitars

Seth Aban - guitars

Gideon Vanth - bass

Tyronne Silva - drums


The Picture (2006)

Light in my Dungeon (2010)

Symphony of Souls (2011)

Website: Crow 7 homepage

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