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Thinking back to the mid to late 90's. Where metal was metal, and there was no big brutal movement, none of the "cores", it was metal. It was music with melody, and rythem. It was thrashing around and kicking each others teeth in, so we could all smile the same. The golden years of the genre. Deretla is digging back into those years, and bringing a modern flare to the table. In the footsteps of bands such as Death, Coroner, and Megadeth, Deretla has taken the rythmic and melodic ideas of past greats, pulled them from the tab books, and put them back in the listeners ear. Formed in late 2005, Deretla quickly began to generate a local buzz, and was on it's way. Through the years there have been some line-up changes, different ideas on song structure and disagreements that any family would undergo. Which has kinda set back a forward progression. It wasn't until January of 2009 that Deretla, with a new line-up hit the street and started shreddin the scene. Through a militant approach to practice and performance, an enhanced view on being professional, and a matured song structure and musical knowledge, Deretla has emerged to join the many climbing the stairs to potential poverty on the road. With the dedication to bring a quality song, performance, and experience for metalheads to vent to across the nation, and hopefully someday the world. Debut Ep entitled Altered is set for completion in summer of 2010, and a full length is already being tracked, set for completion in spring 2011.

Line Up:Edit

Mattt Erikson - bass

Kris Bailey - drums

Nick Gilbertson - guitars

Kevin Alter - guitars

Brandon McLaughlin - vocals

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