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When the cliff comes nearer and nearer to you, when the grey clouds of doubt and resignation threaten to suffocate you, when the only hope left is the jump over the edge, then you have come to know the devastating world that the songs from D.A.M.N. describe. The Metalcombo was formed in 2001. Right from the start the 4-man band won the hearts of their fans with their hard-rock German songs blasted out by the lead-singer Toni. In the fall 2002 they released their first demo CD which was literally ripped out of their hand during their concerts. In order to increase the brutality the 2nd guitarist joined the band in 2003. There was no stopping then. They rocked-up the scene with their concerts across Germany often becoming the star of the whole performance. Their hard-pushing thundering blasts paired with Death Metal exploded like a torpedoe by the fans and soon they were compared with bands like Amon Amarth, Arch Enemy, My Dying Bride and In Flames. During the summer of 2005 the successful quintet took up a new studio material on their CD. With their 5 new songs they will win many new fans as well as impress their old ones and at the same time start a new further capital in the future of D.A.M.N

Line Up:Edit

André Epp - guitars

Daniel Thunig - guitars

Mat Rahlmeyer - bass

Antonie Mrusek - vocals

Andreas Navrade - drums


Vermächtnis (2005)

Forbidden Anger (2010)


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