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Who does not know the Swiss confederates EMERALD? More than 10 years the pleasant guys around mastermind Michael Vaucher are striking through the metal-underground. In this time they released such excellent albums like “Rebels of our time”, “Calling the knights” and “Forces of doom”. After the deal with their old label expired, the Swiss signed a contract with Pure Steel Records. However, the chosen musical way was followed up consequently. And so the fourth release will find his friends but also his enemies, which will fix their refusal again on the unusual vocals of Jvo Julmy. Anyway, “Hymns to steel” is more complex and catchy than all former releases of EMERALD. 2 great cover-versions found their way on the album to pay tribute to their own heroes of the 80ies. One will be found only on the CD, the other one will only be available on the coming LP. The band also put a high value on a better and more powerful production as well as on faster songs. “Hymns to steel” was produced in the Erzschlag-Studios in Aue/Germany. The great Viking-cover artwork was made by Timo Würz, who has been also responsible for covers of Amon Amarth and Sacred Steel.

Line Up:Edit

Thomas Winkler - vocals

Michael Vaucher - guitars

Manuel Werro - guitars

Adriano Troiano - bass

Alex Spicher - drums

Thomas Vaucher - keyboards


Rebels of our Time (1999)

Calling the Knights (2002)

Forces of Doom (2004)

Hymns to Steel (2007)

Re-Forged (2010)

Unleashed (2012)


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