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The Progressive metal band EMPYRIA formed in Vancouver B.C. (Canada) in 1991 by guitarist Mike Kischnick, Paul Falcon bass/vocals Empyria and Simon Adam EMPYRIA followed the traditional path of gigs and demos refining their craft until a pro-demo was released in 1993 called Ornamental Ironworks (Cassette). By 1994/95 they gained the assistance of manager Dustin Hardman who secured the band with its first release in 1996 Behind Closed Doors ( 8/10 in The Collectors Guide to Heavy Metal) on T&T a subsidiary of NOISE Records. In 1997 Paul Falcon left the band and was soon replaced by vocalist Phil Leite and bassist Ken Firomski. The 2nd cd Changing Currents (10/12 Heavy Oder Was?!) was released independently with distribution from Rising Sun Records, Scrape Records & Nightmare Records and over the next 2 years the band grew in popularity appearing on 3 compilation discs. The result of hard work paid off when in 2000 they released their 3rd cd "THE LEGACY" on a U.S. label called Nightmare Records run by Lance King of (Balance of Power, Avian, Gemini) receiving excellent press worldwide. ( 8.5/10 Strutter magazine, 8.5/10 Rokk Faqtory), 8/10 BW&BK) The Legacy was in a sense an EP that put together part I-III of The Lighter Sides of Darkness with a new 4th chapter The Legacy (Of Final Darkness) as a 25 minute epic. The disc also contained a unique cover of the Police's Synchronicity II. 2001 saw the band appear on yet another compilation West Coast Metal Feast produced by the Vancouver metal store SCRAPE RECORDS. 2002 saw the return of EMPYRIA yet again with a new full length album called Sense of Mind released by Scrape Records considered to by many to be the bands best release to date.(4/5 Euphony magazine., 8.5/10 Strutter magazine., 8/10 Musica magazine.) EMPYRIA info can also be found in the book "The A-Z of POWER METAL" by Garry Sharpe-Younge. After a 7 year hiatus Mike & Paul reunited and along with Phil Leite and new drummer Scott Gamble recorded "The Long Road Home"

Line Up:Edit

Mike Kischnick - guitars, synths Phil Leite - vocals John Buck - bass Scott Gamble - drums

Paul Falcon - bass


Behind Closed Doors (1996)

Changing Current (1998)

The Legacy (1999)

Sense of Mind (2002)

The Long Road Home (2009)


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