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GRIFFEN came about when we, five guys with a long individual musical history, felt that we had a need to get our love for hardrocking metal out of our system. GRIFFEN is all about that love! And as you know you don't share real love with whoever... no no! you need to hook up with people that can satisfy your needs, meet your standards & awake your curiosity to further the experience. But that is not enough! If you take out the best individuals and put them together, it doesn't mean you have a good rock band... you have to go for the best blend to create a good wholeness. GRIFFEN is so lucky! because we have got it: the rock'n'roll brew. People... we're in love! And if you feel it too... Welcome to the heart of GRIFFEN.

Line Up:Edit

Stefan Törnblom - guitars

Tomi Peltonen - guitars

Jörgen Söderberg - vocals

Harri Tuovila - bass

Kristian Huotari - drums


Life-A way to die (2010)