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GUN BARREL don’t breathe new life into the great tradition of Heavy Metal, they inject it with high pressure. These guys combine “old school”, “misfit Rock’n’Roll” and “Metal attitude” in an ingenious way. Being the representatives of this “Dirty Metal Rock’n’Roll”, they really let it rip during their legendary live performances.

You can feel the animal instinct and the heart and soul that make the band skyrocket on stage. If nothing else, this might be due to the fact that GUN BARREL are among the most frequent performers in Germany. Those, who survived the GUN BARREL live-drumfire are totally thrilled and become serial offenders. This is unavoidable.

GUN BARREL are always good for a surprise. Acoustic-show or full decibel-attack; it is not unusual that guest stars such as ANDY BRINGS appear on stage with them, that they contribute songs to several samplers, take a flight to Spanish island Mallorca by the order of Rock’n’Roll or that they give the audience an understanding of their sound at legendary festivals such as Wacken or Slovenia's Metalcamp. GUN BARREL have gone through a lot during the last 10 years; so these dudes became a tough alliance. Rock star affectations? No way. Despite all the glamour, the band remains down-to-earth and continues to look forward – one is still up to much more!

After the release of their last album „Live At The Kubana“, there is only one question to answer: When can we expect "Live in Kuba"?!?

Line Up:Edit

Rolf Tanzius – guitars

Silver – vocals

Tomcat Kintgen – bass guitars

Toni Pinciroli – drums


Power Drive (2001)

Battle-Tested (2003)

Bombard your Soul (2005)

Outlaw Invasion (2008)

Brace for Impact (2012)


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