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Mid-Hertfordshire based 4 piece metal band Helgrind was formed in 2000 and after a few line-up changes have found their feet, settled the line-up and starting building their worldwide fan base.
Each member in Helgrind has brought their own style and influences, from thrash based bands like Sepultura, Pantera, Exodus and Overkill to the more rock/metal influences such as Sabbath, Purple and Rainbow.
Helgrind’s style of crossing all genres of thrash metal appeals to all metal music fans spread throughout the globe with diverse melodic undertows and an aggressive vocal sound that carry the ethos of the band to higher statures and charge the band with the determination and brutality that was true in Helgrind from the beginning.
In 2011, the band released the fourth studio recording “Inquisition” through US based Digital Media Records. The partnership with the label opened more doors for the band to spread their breed of metal and allowed the band to complete their first headline tour of Europe.
With a well-rehearsed set and hundreds of shows under their belt, the band delivers a fast, aggressive sound and has caused mayhem in the pit with their no-nonsense brutal pounding speed not for the faint hearted.

Line Up:Edit

Paul Nelson - bass / vocals

Si Ellis - guitars

Miklos Takacs - guitars

Andy Keel - drums


Denial (2005)

Religious Persecution (2008)

Inquisition (2011)

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