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Horizon Ablaze is a band from Norway which has it's roots firmly in the death metal genre and have now announced the release of their debut album Spawn, which will hit the shelves January 28, 2011. Spawn is a concept album set in a fictional universe during WWII and revolves around the story arc of Spawn. The album was written by the bands founders, Stian Ruethemann and Kevin Kvåle and early on they decided to produce a performance based album without triggers or quantisation of any kind. The goal was to achieve an honest and organic sounding album.

In 1941 an event occurred which would hold significance for all. A soldier was cast into a war in which he belonged too much, and soon a darkness grew within him as a cancer. Through this soldier Spawn would be reborn, to reclaim his powers, end the vicious writing of the storywriter, and to find meaning in being letters on a piece of paper. Can the murderous Spawn awaken the puppets The Writer have created, or will the inevitable predetermination eventually come him as well. As with The Writer writing the story of Spawn and The Soldier, the real existential struggle surfaces; are we predetermined? The saga of Spawn goes beyond this initial release, and will also be presented in a yet undisclosed format.

Spawn was produced, recorded and mixed by Audun Grønnestad during the summer of 2010, in MayhemMusic Studios in Kristiansand, Norway. The mastering took place in Cutting Room Studios in Sweden by Mats “Limpan” Lindfors. All artwork was painted by Kjell-Åge Meland (- also Pantheon I), and cover designed by Jan Yrlund from Darkgrove Design.

Line Up:Edit

Stian Ruethemann - Vocals, Guitar

Kevin Kvåle – Drums

Ole Bent Madsen – Bass

Joakim Kvåle – Guitar, backing vocals


Spawn (2011)


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