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Rising from the pits of Hayward California, KAOS was created amidst a scorching Bay Area metal scene. Landing an opening spot at the infamous Hayward Riot Show, co-headlined by local metal legends, the name KAOS was carved into the flesh and minds of a devoted crowd of thrashers. The onslaught would continue through the late 80’s and early 90’s thrash metal wave in support of 1990’s “New Creation” and 1991’s “Vivisection” while sharing the stage with the biggest acts in the industry.

With the turn of the century, a spark would ignite a new flame under the San Francisco Bay Area Metal scene. KAOS reawakens to release their fist ever-full length CD entitled “Vision Beyond”. The music would fall into the hands of local and international press as well as Northern California metal fans with open arms.

In 2003, KAOS enters the studio with famed engineer/producer Mark Keaton (Machine Head, Exodus, High on Fire) to record and co-produce their sophomore full length, “Kaos Among Us”. The band would commence to storm the Bay Area with their powerful live performance as well as appearing at the New Jersey Metal Melt Down VI, the Milwaukee Metal Fest XVII and be invited to play the prestigious Tenth anniversary of the Head bangers Open Air in Elmshorn Germany. Here KAOS would be medaled the first band in the history of the festival to start a Bay Area style circle pit.

2010 brings a new decade of KAOS. With the long awaited and much anticipated CD “The Pits of Existence”, KAOS waves the metal flag once again and thrashes the world with their searing, Bay Area style, metal assault. Welcome to the Bottomless Pits of Hell for what it is! The Pit Awaits…

Line Up:Edit

Jason Darnell (vocals)

Stacey Murray (guitars)

Paul Cowan (bass)

Steve Brumbaugh (guitars)

Jesse Bellino (drums)


Kaos - Vision Beyond (2000)

Kaos - Kaos Among Us (2003)

Kaos - The Pits of Existence (2010)

Kaos website

Kaos myspace

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