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Liege Lord, formed in 1982, is an 80’s power speed metal band. They originated in the United States of America in Connecticut. They released three albums, one demo, and one single before they split up. The three albums were: Freedom’s Rise in 1985, Burn To My Touch in 1987, and Master Control in 1988. Their demo was released in 1985, and their single Black Lit Knights was released in 1987. The band disbanded in 1990, the last line-up was: Tony Truglio (Guitars), Paul Nelson (Guitars) Joe Comeau (Vocals), Frank Cortese (Drums), Matt Vinci (Bass). Another former members were: Andy Michaud (Vocals) and Pete McCarthy (Guitars). In 2000 they reunited to play in Wacken Open Air.

Line Up:Edit

Matt Vinci - bass Paul Neslon - guitars

Joe Cormeau - vocals

Tony Truglio - guitars Frank Cortese - drums


Freedom's Rise (1985)

Burn to my Touch (1987)

Master Control (1988)


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