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Living Death was a German thrash metal band from Velbert. They started as a power metal band with extreme vocals. Each album grew in speed and intensity until what many call their ultimate thrash album, Protected From Reality. After the release of Worlds Neuroses in 1988, Toto, Fred and Atomic Steif left the band. While they formed the band L.D., the remaining Living Death members and brothers Reiner and Dieter Kelch reformed the band with three new members. This situation lead to some confusion, as both bands were referred to as Living Death by the media. Finally, L.D. had to rename their band. Under the new name Sacred Chao (named after a Living Death song) and with a new lineup, they released an EP before disappearing, while the ‘original’ Living Death also split up after one further album.

Line Up:Edit

 Thorsten Bergmann - vocals
 Reiner Kelch - guitars
 Dieter Kelch - bass
 Jörg Michael - drums


 Vengeance of Hell (1984)
 Metal Revolution (1985)
 Protected from Reality (1987)
 Worlds Neuroses (1988)
 Killing in Action (1991)

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