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Hammer-forged from the hardest steel of the Bergisches Land, cast in fire, formed upon the anvil of metal, hardened by the water of the Wupper river. A battle axe, so deadly and sharp – made of the same material as the world-famous blades of Solingen...

Something like this you could describe the birth of Obscurity in Velbert (Bergisches Land) in mid-1997.

Five brave warriors (Nezrac, Agalaz, Arganar, Ziu und Dornaz) – though musically inexperienced but full of bellicosity and united in their passion for heaviest metal – formed a force named Obscurity.

With this album ”Tenkterra”, the band manages one more time to combine the musical skills of all previous records peaking in a true masterpiece and to take heaviness and sound quality to an even higher level. On top of that the band takes the plunge working out “Tenkterra” as a concept album. “Tenkterra” is the previous album’s equal in every possible way. That’s what the band vouches for!With “Tenkterra” Obscurity create a concept album about the epic Celtic/Germanic history. The concept is based on the region’s self-conception and historically substantiated events in the Bergisches Land. “Tenkterra” seizes on Celtic and Germanic roots putting them into the context of these events. The concept deals with the time between about 200 B.C. and 800 A.D., thereby spanning a time period of 1000 years. With regards to content the concept comprises the region’s Celtic roots, the Germanic expansion, the battle against the superior Roman Empire and the split-up of the late Germanic peoples by Christianization culminating in the epic war between Franks and Saxons. The album title is characteristic of the concept and the region. “Tenkterra” is a composition made up of the words „Tenkterer“ (Engl. tencteri; a Germanic tribe) and „Terra“ (Lat. earth/land) meaning “land of the Tenkterer”. It synonymously stands for the Bergisches Land (region in Germany) and its self-conception which was most strongly shaped by the Tencteri. Obscurity keep their swords and battleaxes at the ready for the next blow and can hardly wait for the release of “Tenkterra”. The band and the new material promise raging battles and proper bloodshed. It is about time to finally unleash the beast! Berge Romerijke!

Line Up:Edit

Cortez - guitars

Ziu - bass

Agalaz - vocals, guitars

Arganar - drums

Nezrac - vocals


Bergisch Land (2000)

Turisaz (2003)

Slachten und Legenden (2007)

Várar (2009)

Tenkterra (2010)

Obscurity (2012)


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