Protector was part of a strong German thrash scene in the late eighties, with the style on Golem being somewhat in the same ballpark as early Destruction, with some inventive riffing and typical thrash-minded aggression. their later material, like The Shedding Of Skin, while still thrash, had more of a death metal bent. They folded in early 1994 (by which time no original members were left), though drummer Marco Pape kept the name alive for years afterward, playing the occasional gig with numerous part-timers and even recording a demo in 1999.

Line Up:Edit

 Carl-Gustav Karlsson - drums
 Martin Missy - vocals
 Mathias Johansson - bass
 Michael Carlsson - guitars


 Golem (1988)
 Urm the Mad (1989)
 A Shedding of Skin (1991)
 The Heritage (1993)
 Reanimated Homuculus (2013)

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