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RAVEN LORD is a six piece band of quality musicians with backgrounds steeped in heavy metal history. Csaba Zvekan (Killing Machine, Sardonyx, Emergency) – Vocals, Joe Stump (HolyHell, Reign of Terror)- Lead Guitar, George Karafotis (Vermillion Days, Operation X) - Guitar, Jamie Mallender (Tony Martin Band, ex-Black Sabbath) – Bass Guitar , Alessandro Duo (Voodoo Highway) - Keyboards, and Rich Smith (Power Quest) - Drums.
Unashamedly wearing their heavy metal roots on their leather studded sleeves, RAVEN LORD combine the classic metal feel of the past with a modern edge of the present. Thunderous bass lines, pounding drums with razor sharp riffs blend with distinct heavy, melodic vocals to create powerful and memorable songs. The music that RAVEN LORD brings to you simply stuns – no pretensions – just hell of a metal entertainment.
With the album in the pipeline, the band is already attracting attention from labels and heavyweight producers who are all eager to get involved. RAVEN LORD are priming themselves to deliver the most metallic carnage across the globe.

Line Up:Edit

Csaba Zvekan - vocals

Joe Stump - guitars

George Karafotis - guitars

Jamie Mallender - bass

Rich Smith - drums

Alessandro Duo - keyboards


Descent to the Underworld (2013)

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