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Hard Rock – loud, sinister and evil – this was the intention of guitarist Didi Saller, when he started to form a new band. As expected, it took more than three years until the musicians have been found who met the necessary requirements and were capable to convert the concept. No wunder, because after all Didi Saller proofed his class not just in some epigone band, but as guitarist of the "Inventors of Heavy Metal" – American Rock-legends "Blue Cheer". As first regular bandmember drummer Andy Gmeinwieser joins Didi Saller. He is an experienced man, who still supports former "Whitesnake"-Guitarist Mickey Moody at his gigs. With keyboards-ace Jan Nagel there was found a musician who represents the melidic counterpart to Didi`s riffing. He takes the audience to a soundworld that emphasizes the raw power unleashed by the rest of the band. So bassman Hans Leikam – first class instrumentalist – gives the band a foundation that is unparalleled. Hans about his bass sound: "The earth quakes!" After lots of singer auditions the band wouldn`t trust its ears when vocalist Matt Joseph shows up one day and gets started. Even after a few beats it is absolutely clear that Matt completes the band optimal. From now on he ist the frontman, who embodies the spirit of RAVENRYDE just perfect. So spirit is it, what it`s all about at RAVENRYDE. The spirit of the 70s and early 80s, when rockshows still were rockshows and you really could have caught the magic in the concert halls. Didi Saller expresses it this way: "We want to give the rockfans back, what was stolen from them!" In times of rap-crap and banal singsong the band takes a different line. Cause what RAVENRYDE takes to tape and stage is similar to a thunderstorm – a mighty rhythm section, keyboards like from another star, Matt Joseph`s vioce just as he wanted to call the northern gods in Valhalla and over all the thunderous guitar of Didi Saller. The sound of the quintet comes not from the head, not from heart and also not from the estomach, it comes from even further below. It arises from the musician`s deep need to express roughness as well as emotion, honesty and freedom, phantasy and magic in a musical way – and this in an intensity so even Lord Voldemorts blood should freeze in his veins!

Line Up:Edit

 Didi Saller - guitars
 Tom Bishop - keyboards
 Matt Joseph - vocals
 Andy Gmeinwieser - drums
 Peter Perzlmeier - bass


 In the spirit of darkness (2009)


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