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Skull Fist is a Canadian heavy metal band that began their quest for world domination and forever riding the beast in 2006. The band was formed in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

They recorded a 2-track containing demo titled “No False Metal” in that same 2006, and underwent through serveral line-up changes leaving only Jackie Slaughter the sole consistent member.

After releasing their first EP “Heavier than Metal” including drummer Alison Thunderland, guitarist Sir Shred and bassist Casey Slade they signed up with with NoiseArt Records. They toured across Canada in support of it.

Their quest continued along with a short tour in 2011 opening for fellow heavy metallers Enforcer and Bullet. After the tour they began recording their debut album “Head Öf The Pack”. Sadly enough, during the recordings drummer Alison and guitarist Shred left the band due to personal conflicts. Jackie and Casey continued writing the album together.

Eventually, their debut album “Head Öf The Pack” was released on august 26th, 2011. Jonny and Jake were recruited as drummer and guitarist and The Fist was back on full power. They toured Canada supporting their album.

Overseas in Europe, they opened up for Sabaton, Powerwolf and Grave Digger and continued supporting their album. They ended up in playing on several European festivals.

In the beginning of 2012, they did another European tour featuring Grand Magus, Bullet, Steel Wing and Vanderbuyst and kept on touring ever since.

Line Up:Edit

Johnny Nesta - guitars

Casey Slade - bass

Jackie Slaughter - vocals, guitars

Jake - drums


Heavier Than Metal (EP) (2010)

Head öf the Pack (2011)


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