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After Alfonso Giordano cancelled his vocalist-job for the Italian Power Metalheads NOBLE SAVAGE, he was going intensely to produce his own band out of thin air. Within a short time he assembled some powerful comrades and started to compose new songs. A musical bastard came out, which was founded following the old glory times…. STEELRAISER! The band, which is releasing their debut here on all bangers eardrums, is partially closing the gap which was created by a metal-grenade called “Painkiller”. Merciless riffs, a screaming shouter and hymnic songs are dominating, which are going right through the whole album as the central thread. A little bit unusual are “Gloria perpetua” and “Princess of Babylon”, but there are showing that the band has also another side as “only straight-forward”. Anyone that is wild about Heavy Metal, played with devotion and lifeblood, will be well served with “Race of Steel”. A newcomer with songs that only kicks ass within the traditional level.

Line Up:Edit

Alfonso Giordano - vocals

Gianluca Rossi - guitars

Giuseppe Seminara - guitars

Salvo Pizzimento - bass

Antonio Portale - drums


Race of Steel (2008)

Regeneration (2013)


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