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Stormwitch is a heavy metal band from Germany , formed in 1979 under the name “Lemon Sylvan”. The name was changed into Stormwitch in 1981. Soon after forming they became known as “The Masters of the Black Romantic”, uniquely combining mystery, melodies and dark fantasies into an imaginative form of heavy metal. During the 80’s they were one of the better known German cult bands. They released 7 albums before splitting up late in 1994: 1. Walpurgis Night (1984) 2. Tales of Terror (1985) 3. Stronger Than Heaven (1986) 4. The Beauty and the Beast (1988) 5. Eye of the Storm (1990) 6. War of the Wizards (1992) 7. Shogun (1994).

The band re-united in 2002 with the line up:

Andy Mück - vocals Fabian Schwarz - guitars Martin Winkler - guitars Dominik Schwarz - bass Alex Schmidt - keyboards Marc Oppold - drums

and they have released 2 new albums: 8. Dance with the Witches (2002) 9. Witchcraft (2004).

Witchcraft was the last album to feature this lineup as all members except for Andy Mück have since left the band again. In 2005 Andy Mück gathered some other musicians, among others he recruited Jürgen Wannenwetsch, first bass-player of the band from 1981 to 1983. All new musicians soon left the band again except Jürgen Wannenwetsch. Between 2005 and 2010 there were several other musicians playing for Stormwitch but all left the band after a short period of time.

In 2010 the line-up seems to be complete again: Andy Mück - Vocals Jürgen Wannenwetsch - Bass Marc Scheunert - Guitar Ralf “Stoney” - Guitar Harry Reischmann - Drums

They soon stated to work an a new album likely to be released in 2011.

Line Up:Edit

Andy Mück - vocals

Jürgen Wannenwetsch - bass

Ralf Spitznagel - guitars

Marc Scheunert - guitars

Stefan Köllner - drums


Walpurgis Night (1984)

Tales of Terror (1985)

Stronger Than Heaven (1986)

The Beaury and the Beast (1987)

Eye of the Storm (1989)

War of the Wizards (1992)

Shogun (1994)

Dance with the Witches (2002)

Witchcraft (2004)

Call of the Wicked (2008)


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