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The Norwegian act was formed back in 2007 by guitarist Stig Nergård. In 2010 Tellus Requiem released a self-titled debut album digitally. This album opened up some doors for the band, and resulted in some live concert supporting acts like Keep of Kalessin, Edenbridge, Pagan's Mind to mention a few. The bands way to this point in their career has been long. Many of the original members have been substituted due to several reasons. But the continuously hard working core of the band, has resulted in a growing level of expertise in each instrumentalist within the band. This making Tellus Requiem stronger than ever! Today Tellus Requiem consists of five members which all have different musical approaches.
The diversity of individuals in the band results in a big sounding score that blends perfectly together. From the crunchy guitar wall with the juicy leads, your ears are battered with heavy and groovy machinery that sends you into a world of music that are sure to make an impression on your senses. This is all fused together with beautiful melodies and such soar parts you either get it right in your face or straight through your heart!
The main theme of the writing is about worlds shattering to pieces. This can either be global or personal experiences, fictional or literary. Tellus Requiem means; the earths death mass.
Tellus being Latin for The Earth, Requiem being the last composition composer write before they die.
The music can be described as Progressive, with a lot of influences from Eastern Folk music, and Film Music. It's very melodic and the vocal melodies are the element gluing together all the crazy phrasings going on in the score!

Line Up:Edit

Stig Nergard - guitars

Ivar Hagen Boe - bass

Anders Sundbo - keyboards

Vidar Lehmann - drums Ben Rodgers - vocals


Tellus Requiem (2010)

Invictus (the 11th Hour)  (2013)

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